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Sacred Seasons: A Year of Meditations

Sacred Seasons is a collection of spiritual wisdom drawn from the expressive writings of Beverly Lanzetta. As a daily practice, the meditative entries call us into living light of the Divine, encouraging us to slow down and savor the gift of sacred time.


There are moments when we feel we have been touched by something elusive and mysterious, by the hidden workings of the universe, as if Spirit were reaching out to us personally. It is my hope that the meditations in this book will be another touch from the Sacred, a little opening into the world on the other side of the precious veil that conceals the holy and beautiful.

A Feast of Prayers: Liturgy to Holy Mystery

A Feast of Prayers: Liturgy to Holy Mystery expresses the song of the soul, an inner depth of feeling spontaneously overflowing in words of praise, petition, thanksgiving, and lament. It is, as well, a call to prayer, to follow a liturgy during designated times of the day in a weekly cycle.


The impulse to pray is universal. From the moment of birth, until death stills our breath, each human heart, each soul, recites a ceaseless prayer, the very existence of our spirit in physical form an invocation toward the divine. Prayer is the language of the spirit. It is our first language.


A Feast of Prayers is a joyful and practical companion to sanctifying each day, with morning, afternoon, and evening prayers for each day of the week. Vigils are included for morning and night, as well as prayers for special occasions.

A New Silence: Spiritual Practices and Formation for the Monk Within

A New Silence focuses on the inner transformation and spiritual practices that guide us to live for the Holy and for the good of creation. It is a practical companion for anyone seeking to be a monastic or contemplative presence in the world. Offered for explorers on the edge—for those who are between religions, those who have abandoned faith but yet seek, those who are interspiritual, or those who are rooted in their faith tradition and are going deeper—this is both path and accompaniment for the journey. Included are contemplative practices, journal reflections, meditative exercises, and examples of a daily schedule, personal vow, rule of life, and ceremony of profession that stabilize and affirm a new monastic way of life.

The Monk Within: Embracing a Sacred Way of Life

The Monk Within is written for the person seeking a deeper, contemplative orientation to daily life. Yearning for inner realization of divine wisdom, this "new monk" draws on four interlocking themes: embodied spirituality grounded in the sacred web of life; the mystical path of the feminine, inspired by women's monastic communities; the archetype of the monk that is the deep truth of every person; and the interdependence of the world's wisdom traditions, expressed through interfaith, interspiritual dialogue.

Foundations in Spiritual Direction: Sharing the Sacred Across Traditions

Foundations in Spiritual Direction visually repeats the process and atmosphere that occurs when deep listening and respectful sharing take place. Through the interplay of text and sacred art images, the book is designed to re-awaken our metaphorical minds and liberate our intuitive knowing. Reading and viewing each chapter meditatively in the time-honored manner of sacred reading, allows words to engage more deeply in our mind and heart.


To facilitate this process, Foundations in Spiritual Direction includes meditative practices drawn from the world's religions, suggestions for further study and research, and informative definitions of spiritual terminology. To achieve maximum benefit from the book, readers are encouraged to try each of the meditation and prayer practices, and investigate further the new concepts and insights presented.


Following the subsection of each chapter is a page of journal questions. These are designed to facilitate the awakening of inner wisdom through the process of writing. Perhaps the most important benefit of journaling is to write freely and openly from the heart, drinking from the great well of silence within.

The Nine Jewels of Night: One Soul's Journey into God

This book is a personal account of theologian and spiritual teacher Beverly Lanzetta's search for a new expression of the eternal quest for truth. With open-hearted storytelling, she chronicles her growing restlessness to answer a spiritual call until on a gorgeous autumn day, in her twenty-ninth year, she is converted by a series of revelations beyond the boundaries of established religions to the one reality at the heart of all religions, and to an entirely singular path of contemplation.


Lanzetta's compelling and intimate portrayal of the ensuing thirty-eight years invites you to reflect on your own spiritual path as it gently draws you into questions about the nature of God, the monastic heart, suffering, the inner dimensions of mystical experience, composing a contemplative life, following a radical path of devotion, the search for solitude, trusting one's inner voice, loving the Divine, and being empty of self. 

Path of the Heart: A Spiritual Guide to Divine Union

This is a modern spiritual classic, and the first written account of the life-changing mystical revelations of divine suffering and divine love that Beverly Lanzetta experienced in 1976. Completed in 1984, and published in 1985, the text describes the interior process of mystical intimacy or union, combining insights from her own transformation with those she witnessed in the souls of people who came to her for spiritual guidance. Now published in a new expanded edition with Beverly's commentary on each chapter, Path of the Heart is a guide for those who deeply yearn for spiritual meaning in life. "I hope" she says, "that by passing on the underlying method of the mystical journey, my fellow seekers will be aided in their own search for the Unknown."

Radical Wisdom: A Feminist Mystical Theology

This luminously written volume is a wonderful resource for women and men to reclaim their spiritual lives. Radical Wisdom introduces the concept of via feminina (way of the feminine) and the importance of gender in the spiritual life. Drawing especially on the mysticism of Julian of Norwich and Teresa of Avila, Beverly Lanzetta lays out the contemplative process used to achieve their highest spiritual potential and to break through the "dark night of the feminine." She also investigates how unjust social and political conditions afflict women's souls, and the spiritual disciplines women use to transform centuries-old structures of consciousness damaging to the human spirit and to creation.

The Other Side of Nothingness: Toward a Theology of Radical Openness

From the mystic's experience of nothingness and the desert, The Other Side of Nothingness offers a theology of humility sensitive to religious pluralism and to the pain of spiritual oppression. With a passionate concern for contemporary interreligious issues, Beverly J. Lanzetta provides insight into how mystical consciousness overturns claims of dogmatic truth and prepares the self to experience the radical openness of divinity.

Emerging Heart: Global Spirituality and the Sacred

Highlighting pioneers of global spirituality such as Thomas Merton, Thich Nhat Hanh, Abraham Heschel, Mohandas Gandhi, Howard Thurman, Bede Griffiths, and Dorothy Day, Emerging Heart shows how a variety of religious traditions emerge from and converge on a divine nature and mystic quality that creates a loving heart. Lanzetta first describes this phenomenon in her own experience and then elaborates on that mystical core, the notion of the divine, the new shape of interreligious dialogue, pioneers of this new global spirituality, and the personal, spiritual, and ethical challenges that it poses to us.