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Foundations in Spiritual Direction: Sharing the Sacred Across Traditions

Foundations in Spiritual Direction visually repeats the process and atmosphere that occurs when deep listening and respectful sharing take place. Through the interplay of text and sacred art images, the book is designed to re-awaken our metaphorical minds and liberate our intuitive knowing. Reading and viewing each chapter meditatively in the time-honored manner of sacred reading, allows words to engage more deeply in our mind and heart.


To facilitate this process, Foundations in Spiritual Direction includes meditative practices drawn from the world's religions, suggestions for further study and research, and informative definitions of spiritual terminology. To achieve maximum benefit from the book, readers are encouraged to try each of the meditation and prayer practices, and investigate further the new concepts and insights presented.


Following the subsection of each chapter is a page of journal questions. These are designed to facilitate the awakening of inner wisdom through the process of writing. Perhaps the most important benefit of journaling is to write freely and openly from the heart, drinking from the great well of silence within.