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A Feast of Prayers: Liturgy to Holy Mystery

A Feast of Prayers: Liturgy to Holy Mystery expresses the song of the soul, an inner depth of feeling spontaneously overflowing in words of praise, petition, thanksgiving, and lament. It is, as well, a call to prayer, to follow a liturgy during designated times of the day in a weekly cycle.

The impulse to pray is universal. From the moment of birth, until death stills our breath, each human heart, each soul, recites a ceaseless prayer, the very existence of our spirit in physical form an invocation toward the divine. Prayer is the language of the spirit. It is our first language.


A Feast of Prayers is a joyful and practical companion to sanctifying each day, with morning, afternoon, and evening prayers for each day of the week. Vigils are included for morning and night, as well as prayers for special occasions.