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40 Day Journey with Joan Chittister

40 Day Journey with Joan Chittister is designed to be a contemplative resource for daily study and practice on the wisdom of Benedictine sister Joan Chittister. Each of the forty days of meditation begins with a selection from Sister Joan’s spiritual writings, followed by a Biblical passage, as well as questions for further reflection and original prayers written by the editor, Beverly Lanzetta. An international figure, Sister Joan has been recognized for her spiritual wisdom and her commitment to peace, justice, interreligious dialogue, and the equality of women in church and society.

I highly recommend her challenging words as well as the format for reflection. It took me a day or two to not race through, but a daily re-read of the "how to use this book" enabled me to find the pace that offers the most contemplative opportunity a book has yet to provide. On day 13, I can honestly say, that each day has been amazingly timed. I've used in "before my work day" setting, for the Sabbath, and now in a week of solitude and silence. All three settings have produced a similar yield of grace.